The quality of a translation depends entirely on the competency of the translator.
When you impart content, the sense
of the text should be understood i.e.

"the text should work!"

We translate:
Legal texts
Technical documents
Business publications
Advertising texts
Websites and databases

  As a supplement to our translation service, we also offer DTP services.

DTP (DeskTop publishing) in terms of a foreign language set is described as type-
sets (typo) of foreign languages and their symbols.

The original layout of your file remains unchanged and typos and tracking of the foreign language texts are harmoniously adapted.

  Nowadays business meetings with people from different cultural backgrounds are part of the day-to-day for many businessmen and women, e.g. international work teams, trade shows, distribution, suppliers or partners in fusions and joint ventures. These circumstances often give rise to the following practical questions for those involved:

How do I behave in a foreign cultural
context to be accepted as a business
What behaviour is seen to be polite or impolite? What are the dos and donts?